Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Turning off persistent selection mode in Civil 3D

Turning off persistent selection mode in Civil 3D

I do a lot of Civil 3D training and technical support. I see, over and over, people picking a Civil 3D object, running a command from the ribbon, and not realizing that the Civil 3D object is still selected after they get out of the command. If the next thing they do is select something for Erase, the Civil 3D object will be erased, too. You do that and you're gonna have a bad day.

There are a few ways to avoid this error:

1. Set RIBBONSELECTMODE to 0. This AutoCAD system variable will cause AutoCAD to de-select a Civil 3D object that was edited using a command run from a context-sensitive Ribbon tab. This is the safest way to work, but might cause you to need to select your object multiple times. That's better than accidentally erasing it, but seconds add up.

2. Start commands from the right-click Shortcut menu. Accessing commands here does not cause persistent selection.

3. Use the Esc key. Once you get used to having to Esc after every Ribbon command, it will become automatic...except for that one time you forget.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Civil 3D 2020 uses a new survey database format

Autodesk has updated their Survey Database format from Microsoft SQL to the SQLite for Civil 3D 2020.

What does this mean to you?

If you are only working with 2020 Survey Databases, you'll see little change: The survey database file extensions will be different, .SQLite instead of .sdfx.

If you need to open previous versions of Survey Database, the files must be migrated to the new format.

Close Civil 3D and then install the Autodesk Civil 3D Survey Database Migration Utility, available online: Autodesk Civil 3D Survey Database Migration Utility.

Using Civil 3D 2020, any older version Survey Databases will be displayed with a warning symbol.

Right click the database and run the Migrate... tool.

Specify the input and output directories. If you want the new .SQLite file to be in the same folder as the old .sdfx file, then leave them the same.

Press Start, let it run, then click the X to close the dialog. Refresh the Survey Database to remove the warning symbol.